Grip Special

Wow Factor Grips

Specialized grips to go beyond the ordinary.  Grips with bling, and color choice. Get your school colors. Prices from $3 per grip installed. 

Arthritic Grips

New arthritic grips enable the golfer to grip the club with the easiest of pressure.  your hands will not slip from these grips.  Winter price of $5 per grip installed.

Familiar Brands

I carry virtually any brand on the market.  If you want it, I can probably get it. Custom fitted to your hands.  Grips from $3 - $12 per grip installed.  Note: beware of Golf Pride grips sold on Ebay.  If Golf Pride are cheap on Ebay, they are most likely counterfeit and will be useless in a few months of playing. 

Winter Tune Up


When I have your clubs I will clean them and check for groove wear.  Have rock dings? I can grind them off and polish the head. 

Check weight and balance

I will check the swing weight of your clubs. If anything is out of the ordinary I will contact you before re-gripping. If needed, I can easily adjust the swing weight.

Inspect and correct

Take care of your clubs so you don't do permanent damage to the heads, and shaft, or injure another person.